I just wanted to thank you so much! I know that our paths have crossed for a reason. I was so honored to be invited to join your class. You are an inspiration. I appreciate that you pushed me so hard. It made me a better artist!! I can’t wait to work with you.
Jocelyn Cervantez

Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to take this class. Although I might not display the knowledge you've passed on, I have really learned a lot. It was fun getting to know your beautiful personality and astonishing talent. You're such a wonderful person for sharing your god-given talent... and... best wishes for the rest of whatever you persue. I'm sure I won't wander very far...; I'll definitely be in touch. Again – THANKS. I'm going to miss our Monday nights.
Erica Boss

I'm so thankful to have you as my teacher. I've enjoyed you and your classes so much. I really hope I can continue to learn from you. It's an honor, and my pleasure assisting you, so if you ever need me, I'd be more than willing. Thanks so much!
Love, Natalie Landess.

Thank you!! I learned a lot. And patient on me.
Thank you again!!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, wisdom & kindness with us. Also thank you for your patience. I'd hope to be able to work with you one day.
Love, Michiko

Rose Hill and her interns are very well trained individuals! Their laid back attitude helps ease the customers nerves. They do fabulous work~make up was especially exceptional!! :)
Will book future appoinments with them for my next formal event!
Jasmine J.

You are the best thing that has heppened to me! The greatest experience in life so far. You are the best teacher ever. Anybody would be lucky to have an experience with you! You are fun, exciting and mind blowing. You have a really young heart. I hope we will keep in touch! Just call me if you ever need help.
Audrey Bongbonga

First off, I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. These past 2 months have been one of my best. Do keep in touch & expect to see me in the future.
Sophia Barriga

I had the pleasure of taking Rose Hill's class, and was delighted to find it to be informative, hands-on, with lots of helpful tips and practical demonstrations of proper technique. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a thorough foundation in the basics and then the tricks of the professionals. Great job, Rose!
L. Watts, LWattsPhoto.com

I would have never imagined that I would be a full-time professional make-up artist. But thanks to the expert training and wonderful guidance I received from Rose Hill from the Academy of Cosmetic Arts located in Los Gatos, California, I now have my dream job. I am a full-time make-up artist with steady corporate clients, as well as a make-up artist instructor at a Beauty College in the Bay Area. Through the academy's internship program Rose provided me many opportunities working for many of the academy's biggest blue chip business clients, TV, movies and music videos. I cannot put a price on both of the experiences, training and the many opportunities available to me as a student of the Academy. For those of you who are interested taking your make-up artistry to next level, I highly recommend attending the Academy of Cosmetic Arts.
Christine Pacifico

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