Our instructors are not only excellent teachers but also work full-time in the media makeup industry.

Rose Hill

Rose Hill C.M.A. (Chief Make-up Artist)

Award winning make-up artist, Rose Hill is a veteran in her field for over twenty years. Her work has graced the eyes of audiences of feature films to magazine covers and won her a spot on television's Evening Magazine as the Celebrity Make-up Artist to the Stars. Her style is known to be on the cutting edge and jobs have taken her around the world.

Living in the San Francisco South Bay Area, Rose Hill is noted as a Corporate Make-up Artist. Most of her work deals with corporate CEO's and commercial print jobs. She has an impressive resume, which include ESPN, ABC, BBC, CNN, Warner Brothers, and Lucas Films. Some top personalities on her list include the President of the United States, and celebrities like Robin Williams and Tiger Woods. Rose Hill is known for her flexibility or crossover in the field of make-up artistry. She is well versed in all styles and forms of make-up. Working in stage, theater, film, video, television, and photography Rose Hill has proven to be successful in whatever she chooses. She enjoys all aspects of makeup from prosthetics to beauty, and even an occasional food styling job.

As an instructor, Rose Hill, brings this flexibility into her class, working to enhance the student's strong points and direct them to a field best suited for their talents and interests. Rose Hill is represented by major agencies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Japan.

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Ed Martinez

Ed Martinez

Ed Martinez has been teaching for many years at the Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Los Gatos, and has held many seminars and workshops in addition to teaching at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. One of his early films was the zombie classic The Dead Pit. He has worked on award-winning music videos, commercials, television shows, and of course feature films. Some of his projects include "Amityville: A new Generation", "Retardead", Animal Planet's Hero Animals, and the vampire film "The Damned."

At the Academy of Cosmetic Arts, he specializes in instructing students on wounds, burns, lacerations and other casualty simulations in addition to old age and prosthetic makeup. He also teaches a special final class on fantasy looks, airbrush body painting, and special effects.

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Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller is a professional hair and makeup artist, working in her field for over 25 yrs. Sharon is passionate and eager to show her techniques to the students of the Academy of Cosmetic Arts. Sharon's teaching style will make learning easy and fun. She will spend one-on-one time with you, so you can achieve a picture perfect look.

Sharon works full time in a salon and also works in the commercial sector, doing magazine covers, television, movies, celebrities, and corporate head shots. She especially likes working with brides and their attendants.

Sarah Marrero

Sarah Marrero-Brohmer

Sarah has been a Licensed cosmetologist for 16 years and a make-up artist for 12 years. Since she was very young, Sarah had a flair for make-up. As an adult, she has proven her artistry, creating wonderful styles for every make-up genre. Attention to detail, and her own spin, makes Make-up artistry fun and exciting.

Sarah has worked on several movies, fashion shows, photography, and television ads.

She moved to Los Angeles to further her make-up artistry skills by attending Westmore Academy, completing all the master classes.

Sarah has worked with several actors such as Verne Troyer, Jeremy Sisto, Erik Palladino, David Carradine, Snoop-dog, Ice cube, and Kurt Loder, Sarah has worked for Versace, Joseph Domingo, MTV, ABC, Independent Films, Reality Shows, Commercials, and Several Personal appearances.

At the Academy of Cosmetic Arts, Sarah specializes in instructing students on Film and Television, Ethnic, Character make-up, and how to utilize your make up case to get any job. Sarah is Passionate, and excited to teach everything she knows so you can be great.